Trampoline Safety

Trampoline Safety

Trampoline Safety

Trampolines are immensely popular among kids, teenagers and also with some adults. Apart from enjoyment, it offers some great health benefits. But many of us are worried about Trampoline safety. Wrong landing while enjoying jumping and somersaults can lead some serious injuries.

It has been observed that most of the injuries occur when more than one person is jumping on the trampoline. Some of the common reasons why children get hurt are:

  • Wrong landing while jumping.
  • Wrong landing while doing somersaults and flipping.
  • Trying some stunts.

To prevent serious or minor injuries, read my top 5 trampoline safety features that must be installed to prevent common trampoline injuries.

safety features

safety features


Most of the trampolines have complicated instructions for its assembly. This increases the risk of injuries as the probability that the trampoline is not assembled properly increases. Before buying, you must make sure that the manufacturer of the trampoline has provided clear guidelines for its set up and you must follow each instruction step by step without missing any instruction.


You must never buy a trampoline without the safety net and make sure that the net is of supreme quality. It must be thick, strong and shall not rip apart easily.

Rope Connections

You must never buy a trampoline that uses a rope to connect the net enclosure to the frame. This can lead to serious injuries like strangulation and entanglement.

Frame and Padding

You must always buy a trampoline which doesn’t have a metal frame as even the padding of metal frames are a cause for serious injuries.

Poles and Springs

You must never compromise on quality for price. Buy a trampoline whose parts are made of galvanized steel which will not rust or deteriorate with time.

So, after following all the tips and taking care of safety measures you have bought one trampoline for your home. Your kids are too elated to use it. Before, they do so, please keep in mind the following safety measures which must be kept in mind. This gear was originally used for acrobatic purposes but nowadays, people of all ages enjoy jumping on it. Parents need to be careful and exercise certain control measures to prevent their kids from any injury that can happen while jumping on a trampoline. It is for parents to be strict with the safety guidelines to let their kids be safe on a trampoline.

Safety Guidelines:

One Person at a Time

one person at a time

one person at a time

It is one of the most important safety guideline keeping in mind that most of the injuries happen when more than 1 person is permitted to jump on trampolines. Although, it is real fun and enjoyable but you shall never allow more than one kid to use the trampoline.

Do Not Climb Ladders

If you have small kids at home then it is risky to climb ladder to reach the trampoline in front of them as sometimes the kids can copy you and use the trampoline without you supervising them. This can be very dangerous as children should be allowed to use the trampoline without any supervision.

All Sharp Objects must be removed

It is very crucial to remove any sharp object while jumping on a trampoline. By sharp objects, I mean the piece of jewelry ladies often wear like earrings, necklaces, bracelets or any other sharp objects in your pocket. I understand ladies, you look gorgeous with these items on, but please this is for your own safety! These can cut and even puncture your skin. These can also cut the safety enclosure net and as a result you may fall off the trampoline resulting in a severe injury.

Never Use the Trampoline When Drunk

Most of the adults, including me like to do weird things after a couple of drinks! This includes jumping on the trampoline also. Thus, this is also one of the major safety tips for the adults who have trampolines at their home. You should never use the trampoline after drinks. You can easily lose your balance and suffer serious injuries.

Never try high Jumps

While enjoying trampolines never try to jump up too high, you might end up losing your balance. This tip is basically for kids to try to either be more adventurous or want to boast around to friends. As a safety tip, if you wish to stop your bounce, you should bend your knees before you hit the trampoline bed.

Keep Your Trampoline Clean

You must make an effort to keep your trampoline clean. Any foreign object on the trampoline surface can lead to injury. So, be careful and extra precautions.

Let your pet watch from a distance

You might love your pet to the core and he would be eagerly waiting for his turn but do not let your heart melt in love. This can cause damage to your trampoline.

Stand and Watch

Never let your kids enjoy the trampoline without anybody’s notice. Without any supervision, children try and experiment with different kinds of jumps and end up hurting themselves.

Preach and Practice Safety

Warn and educate all the jumpers before they enter the trampoline on the safety measures. There must be a define talk stating all the safety measures.

Stay clear

You must never allow your pets and kids to stand below the trampoline while someone else is jumping on it. This can hurt you and the pet both. Thus, avoid such a scenario.

Talk it out

You should discuss with your kids the importance of safety measures and risks that are associated with jumping on the trampoline.Kids must be aware the advantages of following the right way and all the safety measures.


You take the aforementioned Trampoline safety tips seriously while using the trampoline. Never allow the kids to use the trampolines without adult supervision. Never think of buying a trampoline without the necessary safety features as the result could prove to be   hazardous for your kids or any one else in your family for that matter.