Tips for Selecting a Suitable Trampoline Size for Your Backyard

Trampoline Size

Trampoline Size

Mostly it is witnessed that if you are planning to buy an outdoor trampoline, then you already have a size in mind. It is very important to gather correct information regarding the front as well as the backyard of your house so that you can choose the most appropriate trampoline. Like any other piece of furniture a trampoline which is very big in size will look a misfit and can clutter the entire area. I feel that the 10-foot trampolines which are easily available in the market fit well in the small yards. On the other hand the 12 feet and the larger trampolines are suitable for yards having large area. Listed below are some of the tips which will prove to be of great help in choosing the best size for your trampoline.

Measure the Total Play Area:

For this purpose you can use a reel tape measurement. You can measure the total length as well as the breadth of the particular area where you want to place the rectangle or the square trampoline. On the other hand, you will have to take the diameter into consideration for placing your hexagon or round trampoline. It is very important to make sure that the complete area is on a level ground and also some additional space is left around the trampoline so that you can enjoy obstruction free bouncing.

Calculate the Complete Safe Fall Region:

After you are done with the play area measurement it is important to add 6 feet extra to the dimensions so that even that area is covered where your child might fall. This area also should not have any obstacles like fences, walls, electrical wiring and sidewalks.

Who will be Using the Trampoline?

If you have older children, then the larger trampolines i.e. the 12ft and above kinds are recommended. As these bigger trampolines efficiently support increased weight capacity and also there is enough scope for the growth of the kid.

Visual Appeal:

It is important to visualize how exactly the trampoline that you plan to buy will look in the selected area. It should blend in with the layout, taste, style as well as the current layout of the area.

We understand a wrong buy can lead to so many problems. You will not be able to use your trampoline for the reason you bought it. If you buy a big sized trampoline, your kids will not be able to use. Thus, the tips above will help you in selecting the trampoline which is most suitable for you and your backyard.