Skywalker Trampoline Reviews

The product line of the Skywalker Trampolines is growing with trampoline games, mini toddler trampolines, enclosure combos and accessories. And these have attractive, patented designs which allow you to have years of absolute safe and fun filled family activity. In this Skywalker trampoline reviews article, you will see that all Skywalker products feature multiple size and color options and these help in creating reasonable family fun. You get the chance to select the size and shape of trampolines. According to me the product offers an amazing bounce and complete safety due to the safety net. Skywalker trampoline reviews help in selecting the right Skywalker trampoline according to your preferences and requirements. Skywalker has trampoline with safety enclosure to ensure utmost safety of the jumpers. Read my buying guide to know more aspects to select the most suitable trampoline.


It was in the year 2004 that the Skywalker Trampolines were created. The firm belief of the company is in manufacturing absolutely safe trampolines as well as other game equipments. The professionals have firm belief in keeping children safe and actively engaged in fun indoor as well as outdoor activities. In my opinion Skywalker Trampolines is one of the most reputed and established brands in this particular industry. Skywalker Trampolines are continuing keeping up their good work and they are engaged in designing the highly innovative products utilizing the most modern technology.

Skywalker trampoline

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews: Features

    • Innovative Products: Skywalker Trampolines have the patented enclosure system which effectively interlocks the enclosure netting’s base to the jump mat with the help of a button hole. This is featured at the V-ring of every jump mat. This is of great help in eliminating the various gaps as there is no requirement of ropes.
    • Stability:You get a uni-bodied frame which will efficiently enhance the structural stability and reduce the chances of frame twisting. Your kids get a completely gap free jumping area for bouncing. The frame assembly of the trampoline puts to uses an exclusive T-joint at each enclosure connection, leg and frame. This creates a stable frame that resists frame twisting and increases structural stability.
    • Durability:The enclosure netting is tightly woven and is made of tough outdoor materials which will prevent your kids from getting stuck in the enclosure or climbing the netting. The Trampolines utilize very heavy gauged springs which are manufactured using the gold colored coating. This adds to the strength of the springs and also enhances rust resistance. There are springs pads which are extra thick and UV resistant. These are attached to the sides of the trampoline mat and frame. And then there are additional V-rings of the jump mat which offer extra protection from springs and better cushion.
    • Safe:The professionals have competent and complete knowledge regarding safety regulations, Vendor Guides and ASTM/TUV Testing. These play a major role on the success of their products. The company is proudly associated with the optimum levels of efficiency, quality and product safety compliance. As a matter of fact the entire range of Skywalker Trampoline products superbly meets the set of ASTM safety standards. To know more about safety measures for trampolines, read my section on trampoline safety.
    • Trusted: Skywalker is a company which is considered a pioneer in the field of manufacturing innovative trampoline products. Their trampolines offer the finest quality in-house services to a large number of retailers and end consumers.

Brand Benefits and Highlights

Undoubtedly, Skywalker is one of the most reputed and highest rated brands in this particular industry. The company’s highly competent staff has a combined experience of more than 35 years in the industry. Skywalker is a company which specializes particularly in the trampoline’s production. This is generally not the case with other brands. The best part about Skywalker is that you can choose from various models and the products which are available in all prize range and sizes. Thus you get the flexibility to easily accommodate any budget or need. What I absolutely love about this brand is the fact that the main goal of the professionals is on the safety of the customers. Thus, to select the best trampoline, read the guide to know the various aspects of the top trampoline.