Skywalker Zoo Adventure Bouncer 48″ Trampoline with Enclosure – Review

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Buy The Skywalker Trampolines Zoo Adventure Bouncer and Enclosure

The Skywalker Trampolines Zoo Adventure Bouncer and Enclosure

Skywalker is one name which has been proudly associated for quiet sometime with manufacturing trampolines of high-quality. It is a well established fact by now that the Skywalker trampolines support superior as well as innovative designs. These equipments are designed keeping in mind utmost satisfaction and safety of the users. At present, the company is operating the largest trampoline manufacturing facility in the world. The whole idea behind the mini trampolines for children is to make them more active physically in a fun manner. These are highly safe as these are manufactured keeping in mind the complete safety of the kids. Various additional features like cushioning and extra padding add superbly to the safety aspect. These ensure that the kids can have a great time while they get to jump indoors. Other then jumping up and down, children can easily use it like a mat while they are watching television or reading.

So definitely the Adventure bouncers are all about exuberance and fun. Skywalker’s 48 Zoo Adventure Bouncer is a great way to get your kids excited about learning and physical activity. The zoo adventure bouncer has been designed by experts as ”hands on”. Kids simply love the whole concept of moving around and learning activities while they are playing. Also the fun increases because of the learning through zoo adventure games as they get to learn about zoo animals. That is the reason it is indeed one of the best trampoline for the kids.

This complete style of this mini trampoline for children is totally unique in comparison to the standard equipments which are available in the market. Firstly, it is completely enclosed and is provided with soft padding for adding safety. It has been provided with an amazing feature like the 360 degree handle so that the toddlers can easily develop the balancing skills. For the purpose of engaging the kids visually the product has been provided with the zoo animal pictures inside this mini trampoline as well. The Skywalker  zoo bouncer has been designed with an arched enclosure and wide base which is an excellent feature to prevent it from falling over. Read the Trampoline Safety to make sure nothing goes wrong while your kid is enjoying on the trampoline.

Skywalker Round Zoo Adventure Bouncer

 The Skywalker Trampolines Zoo Adventure Bouncer and Enclosure review

The Skywalker Trampolines Zoo Adventure Bouncer and Enclosure

One thing that I would like to mention here is that because of the unique shape of this model you can find it a bit difficult to assemble when compared to the Galt type. Since it is the enclosed kinds you will also find it  smaller in comparison to the other mini trampolines which are out there in the market. Thus the main issue which needs to be considered before purchasing this trampoline is how much exactly the child will be able to use it before it starts wearing down. But the biggest advantages is the fact that the weight capacity is 100 lbs. Thus the model has been designed in such a way that it will be able to withstand a lot of activity without any problem.

When you are looking for a fun activity for your kid then definitely this model needs a serious consideration. Utmost enjoyment and complete safety of the child is guaranteed with Skywalker trampolines 48 in. round zoo adventure bouncer with enclosure. The adventure game is an important part of the product which will allow learning also while having fun bouncing.

Specifications of the model:

  • Material used for the frame: Steel
  • It is completely water resistant.
  • The trampoline is UV resistant.
  • Rust Resistant
  • You get a Safety Net Enclosure with it.
  • Suitable for age group: 3 to 4 Years; 5 to 6 Years; 7 to 8 Years
  • Maximum weight capacity: 100lbs
  • The Warranty on the product: You get 1 year on frame, on materials there is warranty of 90 days.
  • You get a Safety Pad with it which is made up of
  • Overall Dimensions: 58.66″ H x 48″ W x 48″ D
  • Total weight of Product: 18lbs

Features of the Skywalker Zoo Bouncer:

  • Trampolines zoo adventure bouncer has added adventure game which combines fun with learning superbly.
  • The design includes gap free enclosure which is attached to jumping surface and hence all the gaps are effectively eliminated.
  • There are additional features like the reinforced zipper which make sure that the enclosure door is secured.
  • The frame consists of a padded foam enclosure frame as well as handle.
  • It has a wide frame base and also arched enclosure poles. This adds superbly to the stability and safety of children while bouncing.
  • There are stretch bands providing soft bounce and there are no springs. Thus, as a parent, you need not worry at all about your child’s little fingers.
  • It comes with an attractive looking woven mat which has animal prints on it.
  • There is a padded stretch band cover providing an absolutely safe area to your child for climbing.
  • There is a lower enclosure which is attached to this padded stretch band cover. This is a great feature which prevents the entry of small objects beneath the jumping area. To read more on the importance of enclosures, read my buying guide tips.
The Skywalker Trampolines Zoo Adventure Bouncer and Enclosure reviews

Skywalker Zoo Adventure Bouncer 48″ Trampoline with Enclosure

Current Price: $90.84 $129.00
Amazon User Reviews: 295+

A great way to keep your kids occupied and fit.  Skywalker Round Zoo Adventure Bouncer encourages them to exercise and saves them from any injury as it has a safety enclosure net. The other amazing features….



  • Amazing bouncing area is offered to your kid because of the stretch-band surface. And the best part is that you don not have to worry at all about springs and your child’s pinched fingers.
  • The most exciting part about the product is the brightly colored pictures of the zoo animals which are not only fun, but also superb for developing the motor skills of children.
  • The soft padded cover of the trampoline provides effective protection to the metal parts.


  • The trampoline can not be left outside.
  • The directions provided for pulling tight the cables provided with it and to screw it are really rough and you can have a tough time assembling it.
Expert Reviews

Skywalker trampolines 48” round zoo adventure bouncer with enclosure is a great gift for your kids as they shall want to be out and indulged in activities on the trampoline. so many customers have been happy with the results. 

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My take on the Model

In my opinion, this trampoline looks impressive and is very helpful for fun learning. It is economical and I would recommend it because of its several impressive features. This is a very safe trampoline which will also keep your kids entertained.