Skywalker 12 Feet Round Trampoline – Review

Skywalker Trampolines 12' Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker Trampolines 12′ Round Trampoline with Enclosure

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If you are looking for an economical as well as good quality trampoline, then the 12′ Round model by Skywalker is the ideal product. I can say from my personal experience that the manufacturers have not sacrificed on the quality and this is a great product which is also not very expensive and will easily fit into your budget. This 12′ trampoline is a full-sized product, but its compact size allows it to fit into any backyard with ease. Skywalker 12 Feet Round Trampoline Reviews will give you all the reasons to keep the trampoline in your backyard irrespective of the size of your backyard.

Skywalker 12 Feet Round Trampoline

Now is the time to bring back all the fun and excitement to your backyard with this amazing product form Skywalker. The 12 ft. Round trampoline comes with an enclosure. The size of this trampoline is fantastic for all kinds of jumpers and it also comes with new safety features. Its galvanized steel frame which is quite heavy allows the families to enjoy fun jumping for many years without any issues related to safety. It has T-sockets which are reinforced and welded and thus ensure that the frame of the trampoline is secured perfectly to the enclosure frame. For extra bouncing stability there are in total 6 W-shaped legs. The design of the enclosure net is the stay-put and button-hole type. This helps in interlocking the netting of the enclosure to the jump mat. It is placed away from the frame and springs and help in creating an amazing jumping environment which is gap free and without any thread and ropes.

Skywalker Trampolines 12' Round Trampoline with Enclosure
The enclosure frame allows the suspension of the netting efficiently away from the frame. For added protection it is padded with very soft foam. You need not worry about the materials as all of them are made up of optimum quality, UV resistant and highly durable in nature.
You can easily say that this model of trampoline is perfectly safe for your kids because of highly durable frame, spring pads, button-hole design and the reinforced t-sockets. And if you have small children the feature of the enclosure prevents them from facing any incident of falling off the trampoline. The enclosure has an amazing feature of a zipper which will prevent your young children from falling and allow them to stay safely inside while they are playing. The heavy duty allows even your teenage children to enjoy a lot of fun jumping. The 6 W-shaped legs of the trampoline amazingly add to its extra stability. But you need to be careful about the weight limit of 200-lbs. This means that at a time only a child and adult can jump on it.
According to the reviews of most of the users, only one person is required for assembling it.  With the help of Skywalker trampolines 12-feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pad instructions, it can be installed very easily. The 12-foot trampoline can be set up very conveniently without any hassles. The instructions may appear to be a little confusing, but if you read them thoroughly, it will be rather simple to put the trampoline together. The hardest part regarding the entire process of assembling is to attach the jumping mat and enclosure with the help of the springs to the trampoline. So make it a point to read the instructions carefully before you begin the installation.
Its sturdy nature also allows the adults to jump with the  kids on the trampoline. The best part is that it is easily able to withstand extreme weather conditions as it is designed by experts for lasting real long.

Specifications of this trampoline model:

  • Shipping Size of 46 X 20 X 18 Inches, 148 Lbs and needs two boxes for shipping.
  • Max Weight of 200 lbs.

Features which are seen with this trampoline model:

  • 6 Legs which are W-Shaped and these are perfect for the much needed extra stability.
  • 72 count, rust resistant springs.
  • Available in variety of colors: Green, Red and Blue.
  • Has locking T-Socket construction and this is of great help in preventing frame twisting.
  • Skywalker trampolines 12-feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pad is UV Protected and also has foam padding of 1″ thickness.
  • It also features few patented technologies. For instance, the weld T-bracket which effectively eliminates the twisting of the frame twisting and provides strength to every frame joint.
  • The jumping mat that is made of polypropylene which is UV-protected and effectively prevents slipping.

Let’s have a quick look at the pros and cons so that you can make the final selection after considering all the aspects.

Skywalker Trampolines 12' Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker 12′ Round Trampoline

Current Price: $314.80 $499.00
Amazon User Reviews: 558+

Add bouncing fun to your backyard with Skywalker Trampolines 12 ft. round trampoline with enclosure. It is optimum for jumpers of all ages and sizes. With innovative features.. 



I recommend this model because of the various advantages it offers.

  • This model is very popular because of its cost effective nature.
  • The size of the product is also very compact which adds to its popularity.
  • It has a diameter of 12′ which makes it is very convenient to fit it in the backyard.
  • It is quiet easy to assemble in comparison to other models of trampolines. You just need to keep few simple assembly tips in mind.


In spite of all the benefits associated with this model of trampoline there are a few concerns which you need to consider before going in for any purchase.

  • The bounce is less because of its round shape.
  • There are issues related to the frame injuries.
  • There are few of the buyers who have complained regarding the assembly.
Expert Reviews

With Heavy Galvanized steel frame, UV resistant materials, there is no reason of you not buying this model from Skywalker. Skywalker 12′ Round Trampoline will definitely be a great addition in your home. 

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My Take on the Model:

This 12 foot Round Trampoline from Skywalker comes with Safety Enclosure. It is a great product as far as fun part and price is concerned. It is generally considered safe for most of the children and helps in effectively keeping them away from the computers and video games. This is a fun activity which has a major role to play in making kids fit and promoting healthy lifestyles.