Should I Buy a Round Trampoline or Rectangular Trampoline?

Selecting a trampoline is not a very easy task, especially when you have to consider the shape. This choice gets even more difficult if you are buying a trampoline for the first time. It is very important to make a selection between the rectangular or round trampoline. The shape of the trampoline is one of the major factors that need to be considered before you buy a trampoline for your family. Listed below are some of the major differences which can be of great help while selecting between the two shapes.

It is very important to consider the weight limitation of the two types of trampoline.

Round Trampoline – Weight Limits

Weight limit of 8 to 10-foot trampolines: 200 to 250 pounds

Weight limit of 12-foot trampolines: 250 to 300 pounds

Weight limit of 14 to 16-foot trampolines: 250 to 400 pounds

Rectangular Trampoline – Weight Limits

Weight limit of all sizes of trampoline: 300 to 450 pounds

Now let’s have a quick look at the usage of these two different kinds of shapes of trampolines.

Usage of Rectangular Trampolines

rectangular trampoline

These are used for training by the athletes. So if you are interested in purchasing a trampoline for your kid who has professional, competitive or Olympic aspirations then this model is the best for you. You will be amazed to see the benefits, it offers to the jumpers. Read here to find out the benefits of jumping.  Also during the time of landing the trampoline is easily able to absorb the greater force which is a great thing for athletes.

Usage of Round Trampolines

round trampoline

If you are looking for a product to add some entertainment in the backyard of your house then this is a great model. It is to be noted that these ones are not able to accommodate so much of force or weight. I must mention here that this shape of trampoline is great for your young kid or toddler as it is completely safe. It is associated with lesser size of the spring, which reduces the chances of injury. This trampoline is capable of accommodating superbly according to the needs of your beginner kid.

Safety Aspects

When you are jumping on a rectangular model you can decide where exactly you wish to land. And this increases the risk factor also. While in case of round types you will be landing in the center of the jumping mat and this is a safer way of landing.

Price of the Two Types

You need to pay attention to the fact that the price of a trampoline will depend on various factors. These include size, shape, specifications, material and quality Round trampolines are generally considered less expensive in comparison to the rectangular types. You will require lesser extra support in case of the round trampolines because of their inherent strength in comparison to the rectangular types. So the models which are easier to be built are associated with lesser cost of manufacture. Also the rectangular types are meant for gymnasts, which means that these special types are more expensive. Because of the circular shape’s inherent strength, less added support is needed, compared to the rectangular design. Easier to build means less costly, allowing manufacturers to pass the savings on to their customers. Because rectangular trampolines are built for gymnasts, there aren’t as many in the market and this increases their price.

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