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Pure Global Brands, Inc. ® is the name of a company which is proudly associated with producing “simply good products for real life™”. This is achieved by managing the manufacturing processes and business with great care and there is absolutely no compromise on the services or the integrity of the products. The products are designed by  experts for a value-conscious and active lifestyle providing the consumers with socially thoughtful and affordable choice for good quality accessories as well as equipment. The Pure Fun Trampoline reviews help in finding the trampoline that is best suited according to your requirements.

Pure Fun Trampoline reviews: Top selling

Pure Fun 14' Trampolines Review

Pure Fun 14′ Trampolines

Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampolines

  • Rust resistant and very durable. These are made of galvanized iron steel tubing and the construction is patented T-Section.
  • The T-Section assembly is fitted securely and this ensures additional stability and also prevents any kind of shifting over time.
  • It is because of the W-shaped legs that there are balanced contact points (8 in number). These offer excellent stability and also prevent any kind of tipping.
  • This 88-Spring, 14-foot trampoline can be assembled with great ease and there is no requirement of any tools or additional drilling.
  • You get to enjoy manufacturer’s warranty of two-years.
  • The steel springs ensure optimum performance and are excellent for providing deeper and exciting bounce.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 250 pound.
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Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline

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These include kid’s trampolines, mini trampolines, backyard trampolines and different kinds of backyard play equipment.  Their products are specially designed for durability, extra safety, and performance. 2 year limited warranty is offered on the frame.

A Little History

Pure Fitness® is one brand which has been well known for more than two decades for producing fitness gear according to the current market trend and the requirement of the customers. The products are designed by the professionals keeping in mind the needs of our families. According to me the sole purpose of these products and equipments is to help us and our kids to remain active while having a fun filled experience. There is no denying the fact that that our safety and comfort is the topmost concern of the company. The trampolines range from little outdoor trampolines to kids’ jumpers and these have been designed for maximizing enjoyment while working out.

Price Range

The price range of the trampolines: $79 to $280.


You will get a manufacturer’s warranty of two years on any defect related to material defect and workmanship.

Important Features of the Brand

The main goal of the company is to manufacture high quality products keeping in mind the complete safety and satisfaction of the users.

Benefits of the Brand

Pure Fun trampolines offer an absolutely fun way for the family to remain fit and entertained at the same time.  The well-constructed and good quality range of indoor mini trampolines, outdoor trampolines and kids’ jumpers are also competitively priced. The trampolines feature steel frames which are rust resistant, galvanized steel/iron tubing, Polypro jump pads which are American-made, patented T-joint which support no-weld construction, on the sprints there is thick foam rail padding for extra protection and steel springs which offer high performance. but with appropriate care of the trampoline, you can increase the life of your trampoline.

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