Little Tikes 7 foot Trampoline Review

Little Tikes trampoline reviews


The Little Tikes 7-foot trampoline is a popular kid’s trampoline which is available in the market. It is simply great for preschoolers as well as school-aged children. This has been specially designed by the experts keeping in mind the complete safety of your kid. Also, it is highly beneficial for increasing your child’s sensory development and balance. This product is ideal for getting your kid off the couch, become more active and keeps away from the different electronics. The manufacturer- Little Tikes is proudly associated with a reputation of making optimum quality products. And the best part is that they give a warranty of one-year for any kind of defect in the product’s material or frame’s workmanship. Also, you get a 90-day warranty on other parts.

In the shipment you will get jumping pad, frame and pad cover. Also, you will receive netting for surrounding the entire jumping area. Another attractive accessory which you will receive is an extra shoe holder for helping to keep a track of the shoes which are removed by kids while  they enter the trampoline for bouncing. And you do not pay any extra penny for all the accessories.  All those customers who have bought this trampoline say positive things about the safety aspects. Usually the first things mentioned are the pad protectors and netting. They love the fact that the fit is very secure and tight. The best part what I noticed about this trampoline is that it has earned a lot of appreciation from various satisfied customers.

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And the complaints regarding the zipper not holding up very well for usage are very rare. In fact, there are few parents who said that it took them about 30 minutes to all the parts together. Also the ease associated with moving it around from one spot to another is also commendable. You can easily get the trampoline from Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target and Sam’s Club. Amazon and several other stores offer products for online sale as well. As a customer, you can also buy it from the website of the manufacturer directly. Shipping as well as the handling charges will vary if you opt to buy it online. The average cost of this 7-foot Little Tikes trampoline is about $229 on an average. And it can actually cost you about $257.99.

Replacements are not an issue as far as the parts and products of Little Tikes are concerned. No exceptional maintenance and care is required as far as this particular model is concerned. You just have to follow routine procedures for doing so. Also for your convenience you get an owner’s manual with the equipment which can be referred for specific details about the product.

 Specifications of the Little Tikes 7-Foot Trampoline:

  • Trampoline weight: 75 pounds
  • Manufactured to endure the outdoor elements with ease.
  • Frame: Very sturdy frame made up of blow-molded plastic and steel.
  • The presence of extra steel poles for supporting the polyethylene netting. This effectively surrounds the bouncing pad.
  • Springs are completely also covered for protection with a pad protector. These adds to the protection to the tiny feet of your kid in case they get very close to the trampoline’s edge.
  • Jumping area: 21.65 square feet
  • Total diameter: 7’4”
  • Surface height: 17 inches and this makes climbing it very convenient.
  • Age limit: 36 months to 10 years of children.
  • Weight limit: 100 pounds
  • Model number: 622311.

Features of the Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline:

  • Can be assembled with ease and two people are required for moving it from one place to another.
  • Pad protectors as well as netting offer excellent protection.
  • The parts can be replaced conveniently from the Little Tikes website.
  • Parts included are: Vertical Orange Plastic Leg, Horizontal Plastic Leg, 36 Galvanized Springs box, Enclosure Netting, Trampoline Mat, Foam Covering for Horizontal Frame Tube and Foam Covering for Straight Frame Tube.
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Little Tikes 7-Foot Trampoline

Current Price: $229.89 $257.99
Amazon User Reviews: 67+

The Little Tikes 7ft Trampoline is a popular trampoline among the kids. Even on, it has scored a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Most of the parents are happy with the product as it provides great way of exercising …



  • The best part about the product is the fact that it is built keeping in mind the complete safety and comfort of little children.
  • The ground-to-jump-surface height and the safety netting allows the children to climb the trampoline independently without the help of any kind of box, stool or any other item.


There have been few complaints regarding the quality of the zipper.

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Little Tikes 7-Foot Trampoline  is a great buy and you shall no longer complain that your kids are always indoor when this trampoline is set up.

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My take on the Trampoline

Taking into consideration the reputation of the company and the different reviews of the customers I would like to recommend this trampoline. It is an excellent product for children since it is highly safe and comfortable. It will offer hours of guaranteed outdoor fun and this is one product which will grow with your kid. You do not need to replace it for several years and helps you in keeping your kid fit and active.