Jumpsport Trampoline Reviews

We all are well aware of the fact that most of the trampoline accidents take place on its jumping surface. JumpSport is a reputed company and is in fact the first company to engineer and design the Safest Trampolines with jumping surfaces in the world.  JumpSport’s Safety-Enhanced outdoor trampolines have been designed specifically by the experts for reducing the risks of various injuries related to jumping. The trampoline products from JumpSport have won numerous awards. These have been featured successfully various broadcasts like Good Morning America, 20/20, ESPN and popular publications which include The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. For your knowledge I must mention here that recently JumpSport also appeared on the popular TV program known as Reality Remodel, TLC.

I can say after thoroughly reviewing the brand that JumpSport is a well established name in the field of trampolines and they are leaders in offering complete trampoline safety. The professionals are proudly associated with creating educational, safe and fun toys as well as fitness trampolines for kids and adults. We all are aware of the several benefits of trampolines and JumpSport Trampolines exemplify all the benefits.  Our jumpsport trampoline reviews help in deciding the best trampoline for your backyard.

For fitness, Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is the best choice

Fitness Trampoline Model 250

Best Selling Trampolines

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220 and 250:

  • A 40-Inch Non-Folding Trampoline.
  • You receive the shipment generally within 2 to 3 days.
  • Ships from as well as sold by Amazon.com.
  • It is offered in Black color and has coated finish of Quality 2.
  • Frame has a 39″ diameter and a skirted mat in model 220 and padded petal mat in model 250.
  • It has a prominent black frame and provided with black legs which are arched.
  • You will also get a basic workout DVD with it.

A Little History

The company’s name is associated with Safety. In the year 1996 the professionals invented a vital trampoline safety innovation. This was the trampoline safety net and it effectively provided protection to millions of kids round the globe. They believe in providing our families with the safest way to remain fit, active, play and grow.

Important Features of the Brand

The company has a single goal in mind and that is the complete safety of the kids while they have a great time bouncing. Some of the their innovative features include Integrated AirShock™ is an amazing feature of the AlleyPOOP DoubleBounce Safety Trampoline and this is in fact the most advanced and safest system offered by the company. Then you can also check out the mini-trampoline which is the latest addition and is great for kids below 6 years of age. The included DVD offers a fun way to kids to jump by the side of with RompyRoo.

Benefits of the Trampolines

  • Offer protection from falls.
  • Rugged, UV resistant and sturdy nets.
  • Jumping surface is shock absorbing.
  • Offer trampoline games for encouraging fun activity.

The JumpSport Trampolines

The classic entry level JumpSport SoftBounce Trampoline is suitable for lighter and/or younger jumpers.

Another popular JumpSport Classic model is the StagedBounce™ model 14′ round trampoline.

The JumpSport Elite Backyard Trampoline is from the new range and is associated with safety net enclosure which can be assembled with great ease.

The patented safety technology of the company has been successfully included in the AlleyOOP Sports Outdoor Trampolines and these include integrated safety enclosure. This is a remarkable evolution in the field of trampoline fun and safety.