JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline Model 220 Review

Buy from Amazon-at the most affordable rate
Buy from Amazon-at the most affordable rate

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220

If you want a better and fun way of working out, then it is high time that you try out the fitness trampoline. You will be surprised to see that only about 10 minutes of fun rebounding can work wonders and help you to get rid of almost that much amount of calories which you burn after jogging for about one mile. This means that it helps in reducing your exercising time to almost half with the same results. There are mini-trampolines also which offer a great option of exercising in case you are suffering from problems related to joints.

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that a rebounder which is of high-quality helps in the whole recovery process for back, neck or knee injury. If you are one of those who are looking for elegant looks and an excellent model, then the Trampoline Model 220 offered by the JumpSport Fitness is the perfect choice. The looks are brilliant with arching black legs and a black frame. It is provided with an extra skirted mat which covers the connectors as well as EnduroLast2 cords partially. These EnduroLast2 cords are known for providing an exceptionally cushioned, smooth, and energetic bounce that will help you superbly in feeling very happy and buoyant.

I can say that the bounce which you get is superb and absolutely stress free. Unlike a steel spring rebounder which gives you a very harsh bounce to your body. The arched legs are patent-pending and these are simply great for providing a safe and stable platform and this you will not get in the case of the other Straight-leg rebounders which are available in the market.

You get to practice different kinds of exercises on this trampoline and the best part is that it can be stored easily because of the compact size. The bounce which you get with this is virtually silent and this impressive feature allows you to easily use this anytime of day or night. So you can have a lot of fun while bouncing on this Fitness Trampoline. You get a handle bar which is separately sold, and you get a fitness DVD free with it.

Out of so many models which are available in the market it can actually be quite a tricky task to choose one. Here I have listed few of the points which can help you in making a selection.

JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline Model 220

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Fitness Expert!

 While you are out there in the market, you need to know why exactly you should choose this model. You will realize that the market is totally flooded with such products. But one important thing we as a customer always need to keep in mind that we must never sacrifice on quality over the product’s price. The best part about JumpSport The Fitness Trampoline Model 220 Non-Folding 40-Inch is the fact that it has a very good quality and is also economical. One thing is for sure that if you go for this trampoline you can stay assured of the durability and quality of this product. Thus, this being said, what we want is a good product which comes with a reasonable or an affordable price. There is no denying the fact that this is an amazing product which will fit brilliantly in your budget and you won’t be compromising on your needs. I can easily say that in this segment, this is one of the best products. With the broad frame of 39-inch of the frame you will never have to worry about space. I am telling from my own personal experience that different kinds of rebounding routines can be practiced without any issue of space. This means that the trampoline can be easily fit in very limited space and several tasks can be performed with great ease.

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220

Current Price: $229.00 $279.00
Amazon User Reviews: 185+

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220  is a popular trampoline among the people. Even on Amazon.com, it has scored a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Most of the customers have given it full 5 star rating and a big thumbs up for others to buy.


Specifications of the Fitness Trampoline Model 220 Non-Folding 40-Inch

The excellent EnduroLast 2 elastic cords which you get with the model have been tested efficiently for more than 2 million bounces.

  • It has a permatron mat which is virtually silent.
  • The frame height is about 12.5-inches.
  • Mat Design is about 32.5-inch and also has a 4-inch skirt.
  • The diameter of the frame is 39-inch.
  • The footprint on the floor is about 42-inch.
  • It has stitching of industrial-grade.
  • The 6 arched legs are stackable as well as non-tipping.
  • The steel frame is 16 gauge.
  • The maximum weight of the users is 250 pounds.
  • It has a unit weight of 18 pounds.

Features of 220 Non-Folding 40-Inch

  • The Fitness trampoline is brilliant for the modern home and has a flex bounces system which is virtually silent.
  • You get to enjoy workout of a low impact and you get to work out with different kinds of exercises for trimming fat and toning up your body.
  • It has curved legs for extra stability as well as stack ability.
  • Supports user weight up to 250-Pound.
  • It comes with a warranty of lifetime on frame and on the mat for 5 years.
Expert Reviews

JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 220  is an awesome buy if you are buying a trampoline with fitness as your main focus. It is a highly durable trampoline. Read what customers have to say about this product on amazon.

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  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Adequate frame diameter for your workout sessions.
  • Six arched legs.
  • The Unit weighs about 18 pounds.
  • Excellent quality EnduroLast elastic cords.


  • It is little expensive in comparison to other products.
  • The structure is non-folding types which makes portability inconvenient.

My Take on the Model:

We can easily say that this trampoline is simply superb and durable for different kinds of workout sessions. It is a little expensive but there is absolutely no compromise on great looks and high quality. If you can go a little bit out of your budget then you must go for this trampoline model.