How to Find the Right Accessories for Your Trampoline if You Don’t Know the Brand

trampoline accessoriesIf you are one of those who like to keep things really simple, then I am very sure that you must have purchased all the regular pieces for the trampoline alone. But I can tell you from my personal experience that after maybe a few weeks, months or years you will feel the need of adding some fun accessories to your trampoline. Maybe you will not feel the need of adding any of the bells or whistles, but there will be definitely the requirement of replacing those worn out parts at some point of time. Or maybe you will feel like incorporating some additional safety feature like a safety enclosure. Whatever may be the reason, the point to be noted is that you will have to find the right kind of accessory or part for the trampoline.


This must be sounding like an easy task, right? But the main problem arises when you are absolutely clueless regarding the brand of your trampoline. This is not something unheard of and the fact is that many of us actually end up losing the paper after some time. Also in case of the outdoor equipment the name of the brand on the trampoline gets worn out. But there is no need to lose hope.

Listed below are some of the useful tips which will help you in purchasing the right type of trampoline accessory, even when you do not know the name of the brand.

  • Visit the Store: You can start by returning to the store from where you bought your trampoline. There are a lot of stores which are exclusive retailers for a specific brand or they promote a particular company. For instance, if you had purchased the trampoline from Sam’s Club or Walmart, then the chances are that you either have a Sky Walker or Bounce Pro trampoline. The trampolines from Little Tikes are associated with a lot of amazing features which have been especially designed for the preschoolers. You can in fact click a picture of the product and get it to the store for comparing it with the other products which are in stock.
  • Check the Online Purchases: The chances of finding the brand are very bright if you have purchased the trampoline online. For instance, if you have purchased your trampoline from Amazon and you are an account holder, then you can actually use of the history of the purchase of your account. The same thing is valid for the online retailers as well.
  • Check Email:You can in fact check your email. In most of the online purchases the receipt which you receive on the purchase is emailed to you. There are various brands which also send a follow up email which includes various details about the brand of trampoline. So this will provide you the answer needed by you.
  • Measure the Purchased Trampoline: You need to be well aware regarding the fact that the pads of some of the trampolines easily fit accurately some of the other brands as well. The same rule can be applied on some of the trampoline accessories.
  • Look for the Accessory Online: You can also look for the required accessory online. For example, basketball hoop is a fun accessory and almost every kid will absolutely love to slam dunk while enjoying bouncing on the trampoline. And obviously there is more than one brand offering basketball hoop on the internet which has been made for that pole which will effectively hold the safety net. And the best part is that these can in fact be used by more than one of the trampoline’s brand. So even if you do not have that particular brand you will get the accessory online which can be easily used for your trampoline.
  • Some Other Options to Find the Right Kind of Accessory: The best part about the whole deal is the fact that you are not the only one facing this kind of problem. You can pay a visit to those big box stores which offer a large variety of accessories which can conveniently fit diverse shape and sizes of trampolines. They also have experts who will tell you how to measure your trampoline or help in finding the universal products which work well with different brands. You can take help of your friends on social media or neighbors. Maybe they have bought the similar trampoline accessory or part which you have been looking for. In most of the cases, these people will be able to tell you about from where exactly they purchased the particular part. And also they will be able to tell if the particular part will fit a specific brand or if it is a universal-fitting type.

There is no denying the fact that trying to find a trampoline accessory can be a very frustrating thing if you are clueless about the trampoline’s brand. But you know from where you should start, then this can prove to be of great help in saving your precious time.