Trampoline Buying Guide

The decision of buying a Trampoline can be stressful as you might not be aware of the features that must be taken into account. To help you, I have put together my years of experience and knowledge into this section to help you buy the best trampoline according to your requirements. I have penned down this trampoline buying guide which includes all the specifications that you need to consider before buying a trampoline for your home. Also read the top 3 accessories of the year 2017, here.

Trampoline Pads

Trampoline Pads

Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads are the cushions which are found on the top edge of the trampoline. These not only provide a cushioned seating area but also act like a safeguard to prevent the jumper from landing onto the springs after the jump.

When you aim to buy them, you must consider the thickness of the pads. You also should go for the thickest pads and never accept pads which are less than 20mm thick.

Trampoline Springs

Trampoline Springs

Trampoline Springs

The reason why you bounce on trampolines is Springs. These are located on the outer edge. One of main features to look for while buying is to check the size and the number of springs in that piece. These two factors tremendously affect the bounce.

How many  springs should a trampoline have? To enjoy the best bounce and jump, you should go for a model which has maximum number of springs of the longest length.

Skyhigh Xtreme 360 and Skyhigh offers the maximum number of springs on their trampolines.

Trampoline Enclosures

Another important aspect of what to consider when buying a trampoline for you kids is the enclosure. To add safety to a trampoline, enclosures are attached to the sides. If you have young children or many children bouncing at the same time, these net enclosures reduce the risks of falling off the trampoline while jumping.

Many parents find a trampoline with the enclosure heavy on their pockets but nothing is more important than the safety of your child?  Also, if someone wants to try different moves , he/she can do it without any stress if the enclosure is there.

Trampoline Enclosures

Trampoline Enclosures

If you are looking for a trampoline with an enclosure then few things you should keep in mind:

Size: The enclosure must fit well. The Wrong size can be very risky.

Poles and Padding: The steel poles of the enclosure must be galvanized and strong. The padding must be of foam for extra comfort.

Quality: The product you select must be weatherproof and highly durable.

Quality: Make sure the product is weatherproof and durable.

Trampoline Covers

To keep clean and to increase its life-span, it is important to get a trampoline cover. The features that must be looked for in a trampoline cover are:

trampoline covers

trampoline covers

Universal Fitting – You must always go for a trampoline cover that fits well any round trampoline or any other shape that you have. If the cover is too small, there is always a risk of water going inside gradually which can lead to the growth of mould.

Drainage holes – Drainage holes are a very important feature that helps to keep your them dry and clean by letting the water go through them and not pool on top of it.

Thick Durable UV Stable material – To increase the life span of the cover, it must be made of a UV stable material.

Elastic edging – Elastic edging of the cover shall ensure that it stays intact in very weather.

Trampoline Frame

Trampoline frame

Trampoline frame

Right kind of trampoline frame increase the life of the product, thus it is an important decision to make. Characteristics of the frame that are important to check are:

Weld Free – Weld free are a great choice as there is always a risk that the welded ones can break from the weld points. According to my experience, I can suggest you Skyhigh Safety trampolines if you want to go in for weld free trampolines.

Material of the frame- you must make sure that the frame is made of galvanized steel so that there is no risk of rusting and it greatly improves the strength.

Thickness of the frame – you must always go for a thicker frame as it much stronger than the one with less thickness. Thicker ones are also less prone to rust.

UV coating – UV coating is a must to increase the life.

Warranty – you must always check where the retailer is offering warranty.

Trampoline Beds

trampoline beds

Trampoline beds

Trampoline beds form the most important part of it as this is the area where you enjoy your jumps and bounces. Features that you need to look in trampoline beds are discussed below:

UV Resistant – To increase the life of the trampoline, it is important that the material of trampoline bed is UV resistant.

V Ring Connectors – With V ring connectors, you bed gets attached to the springs. To produce the best bounce, this method is risk-free and simplest to assemble.

Bounce Spot – Although, it is not a must have feature but important if you have young children. This is just a spot which is the safest to jump on the trampoline. Thus, if you are looking for a trampoline for young children, you must be aware of this spot.

Trampoline Ladders

trampoline ladder

trampoline ladder

For easy access to the trampoline, trampoline ladder is a must. This is a huge benefit for the young children or for those who are unable to climb the trampoline easily. Note down the points that must be looked into while selecting trampoline ladder.

Non slippery – As the ladder is going to be used outside the trampoline, it is important that is non-slippery to avoid any unforeseen accident.

Durable UV resistant material –This prolongs the life of the ladder.

Fit – You must carefully check that the ladder must attach itself to the trampoline properly and not rest against it.

Trampoline Anchor Kits

Anchor Kits

Anchor Kits

If you are based in an area where winds have become a part and parcel of your life, then trampoline anchor kit is a must for you. These kits are used to hold the trampoline down during the windy weather. These generally consist of anchors which get screwed into the ground and the webbing attaches itself to the trampoline, making the trampoline stay and not fly off with the wind!

You must go for those anchor kits whose straps are easy to detach making it easier for you to move the trampoline.

Trampoline Legs

Trampoline legs

Trampoline legs

You must have seen either 4 or 6 leg trampolines, so which one is better? Well, according to my years to experience, I can say that all are same but the accessories for the 4 legged trampolines are cheaper and easier to find than for 6 legged trampolines.

I hope now all our doubts regarding trampolines are solved and now it has become much easier for you to buy one for your home. Know more about the trampoline accessories by reading our article on it.