Plum 8ft Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure Review

Buy Plum 8FT Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure - The Plum 8ft Magnitude Trampoline

Plum 8FT Magnitude Trampoline with Enclosure

It can be rightly said that trampoline is a great way for children in developing their strength, coordination and balance. The Magnitude 8ft Trampoline from Plum Products is the perfect way of not only having some fun but also to remain fit. The product supports some amazing features like the new 3G® curved enclosure design. The carving inside of the springs not only keeps them perfectly safe, but also gives the children a feel that they are bouncing in a big bubble.  I would like to mention here that this trampoline is very hard-wearing as it is made both from inside as well as outside from galvanized steel. This makes the trampoline long-lasting as well as rust-free. It supports some of the amazing features like the patented Tramp Klamp® bracket. This superbly encases that particular joint which is in between the legs and the frame. This not only provides unparalleled structural strength to the equipment, but also keeps it free from rust.  The optimum quality steel springs are zinc-coated and the jumping mat is very durable. This provides superb experience and also adds to durability, safety and fun.
And the best part is that we as parents can be completely at peace while our children are having a great time while jumping with joy. The design has been created by the experts keeping in mind the complete safety and fun of the kids. This is highly recommended for the kids of age group 6 years and above. Let’s have a quick look at the several features, specifications, benefits and loop holes associated with Plum 8ft magnitude trampoline combo.

8′ Magnitude Trampoline and Enclosure

Buy 8' Magnitude Trampoline and Enclosure from Plum

8′ Magnitude Trampoline and Enclosure from Plum

I can say from my own experience that this Plum Product’s 8′ Magnitude trampoline and enclosure will help your children to remain fit and energetic while having a great time. The trampoline is associated with Tramp Klamp brackets which protect the joints and add to the durability of the product. It is the function of the 42 zinc coated steel springs to keep the jump mat in the appropriate position. Comfortable as well as safe cushioning is offered by the weather protected and thick foam pads. There is a spring-loading tool which will be of great help while you are trying to add the springs on your own to the trampoline. The product needs self-assembly. I would recommend this Plum 8ft magnitude trampoline & enclosure only for domestic use and adult supervision is advisable at all times. So it can be rightly said that the equipment should be used only by 1 user at a particular time. Read the safety guidelines and plum 8ft magnitude trampoline & enclosure instructions before using it.

Specifications of the Plum 8ft Magnitude Trampoline With Enclosure:

  • Only a single user can use the trampoline at a particular time.
  • Maximum weight permitted: 75kg.
  • Suitable for domestic purpose only.
  • The Product can vary slightly from the image.

Features of the model:

  • It offers highly energetic outdoor activity.
  • You will also get easy assembly instructions with the product at the time of purchase.
  • The unique enclosure design not only ensures safety of the users, but also offers adequate space for jumping.
  • The galvanized steel frame is durable as well as highly robust adding superbly to the long lasting nature of the product.
  • You can have an amazing time while bouncing due to the sturdy jumping mat and 60 high quality zinc coated springs.
  • The assembled size of the trampoline is L3.05 x W3.05 x H2.40m.
  • The innovative push button locking system ensures that the legs of the plum 8ft magnitude trampoline and 3g enclosure are secured properly.

In my opinion before investing your hard earned money in any product it is very important to thoroughly review the pros and cons associated with it.


  • This trampoline encourages outdoor exercise as well as play.
  • Help in enhancing strength, coordination as well as the balance of your kid.
  • The product is very durable, stable and long lasting.
  • The Ultimate bouncing experience is guaranteed.
  • The kids are completely safe while they are having a great bouncing experience.
  • The frame of the trampoline not only adds to the safety of your child, but also lasts real long due to the rust free nature.
  • The safe cushioning, foam padding which is weather protected and unique 3G® enclosure design makes this product a smart buy.


  • This trampoline supports lesser weight capacity in comparison to the other products available in the market. Hence it is only one person can use it at a particular time.
  • It is recommended only for outdoor use.

My Take on the Model:

If you have made up your mind regarding purchasing this model after reading the plum 8ft magnitude trampoline & enclosure review, then there are few important points that you have to keep in mind. You need to allow safety perimeter of only 2.50m. Adult supervision is recommended while using the product. In my opinion you can go for this trampoline if you want to use it for outdoors and for domestic purpose. The product it recommended if it has to be used by one user. I feel that you need to give a serious thought to your requirements before choosing this trampoline. If you are just interested in fun and fitness of your child and not many users are there for using it then you can go for it without having any second thoughts. The best part is the fact that the complete safety of your kid has been given top most priority by the manufacturers.

Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline – Review

Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline Reviews

Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline

It is a well established fact by now that JumpKing is a reputed company and is in fact the biggest manufacturer of trampoline in the world. They have been proudly associated with manufacturing trampolines for more than 20 years. And the experts give amazing experience in the market of trampoline. These children and adult trampolines are available in a large variety of sizes and styles. These fit very well in the budget of almost everyone and are ideal for every garden. Millions of the Jumpking trampolines are sold worldwide and these are manufactured to EU (TUV) and US (ASTM) standards. The company has flourished in this particular market for a very long time in comparison to most of the other manufacturers of trampolines and these are undoubtedly world leaders in this particular sector. The designs are not only unique but are also based upon the unparalleled experience over the period of time.  And the best part is that even after all these years you can easily purchase your trampoline spare parts. Nowadays you can easily spot one or the other branded trampolines of JumpKing almost everywhere. The professionals of the company give utmost importance to the complete safety as well as the satisfaction of the users. And all the products are designed especially so that your children can have a fun time bouncing for years together. Here we are discussing the various aspects as well as features of a particular model Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline.

Oval-shaped Trampoline with Integrated Safety Net Enclosure

Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline buy

Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline

This particular product is an absolute trampoline set. Unlike other fancy looking trampolines this Combination set is available in a simple box. The set provides you with almost everything which is required for getting your entire family bouncing. The Jump King OvalPod is designed attractively by the experts, is very durable and the enclosure netting is completely supported with the help of a shock-corded rod which is horizontal. This helps in creating an impressive and secure, bounce arena. It can be rightly said that the Jumpking ovalpod 10ft x 15ft oval-shaped trampoline set with enclosure is an amazing outdoor design of the trampoline. For sure this trampoline is perfect for those who are interested in purchasing a good and safe trampoline. This product offers a very simple solution to all your worries as it comes in a very easy to manage box. It includes trampoline, ladder, enclosure, shoe net and cover and the best part is that it is offered at an amazingly competitive price.
The problem faced with round trampolines is the fact that due to their shape, the width of the garden can be a limitation. The traditional round trampolines can fit into a narrow garden area, but because of the small jumping area and less springs these can’t be used by adults or older children. But this is not the case with the Oval Pod from Jumpking as it offers the perfect solution. Its width is 10ft, which means that the Ovalpod can conveniently fit into those gardens which are narrow. But it supports length of 15ft, and the jumping area is much larger in comparison to the other circular trampolines. And the OvalPod has sufficient space for 90 springs which means that it can be easily used by the adults.
The cover of this particular trampoline efficiently covers the whole frame of the trampoline and it includes pads which protect all the materials of the trampoline and also against UV sunlight. The accessories of this JumpKing trampoline are highly advanced and all these are available at highly affordable price.

Features of this Model:

  • Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic trampoline is a great combination of all the qualities of the range of the best selling JumpPOD products and has exceptional performance.
  • This model supports special features like enclosure which is stitched-in and this provides added safety.
  • The design is very elegant and is available in an enclosure for safety.
  • Also the model supports an exceptional Tri-Layer socket which adds to durability as well.
  • There is no need for brackets as the pole slots are directed conveniently into the Tri-Layer socket.
  • There is a fastened door for entry and exit and this provides maximum security.
  • The completely galvanized steel frame adds to the durability of the product.
  • The presence of Eurospring™ design tremendously decreases the total stress on the frame and also ensures optimal jumping.
  • Also, there is a useful shoe bag for storage
Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline

Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline

Jumpking 15ft x 10ft OvalPOD Classic Trampoline

Current Price: £529.95 $699.00
Amazon User Reviews: 3+

The Jumpking 15ft x 10ft Classic OvalPOD is the largest oval trampoline from Jumpking. It is suitable for both parents and teenagers because …


Specifications of the Model:

  • It efficiently utilizes 7″ in comparison to 8.5″ springs and also uses the green pads which are of the standard Jumpking specifications.
  • The trampolines support a 50.8mm heavy duty steel galvanized frame.
  • It has a JumpPOD connector which is patented and offers amazing stability and safety.
  • The patented design is unique and the over and under design is ideal for that much needed extra bounce.
  • There is L-shaped zip which offers the convenience of entering the trampoline and there are extra clips for total safety.
  • The connector clips are top shock corded and these enter the enclosure pole directly and are of tremendous help in creating an absolutely taut and strong enclosure.
  • There are cord lock toggles which are efficiently tied with D-ring for protection.

Now let’s have a quick look at the several benefits associated with this particular model which make investing in this product a smart choice.


  • The product is very affordable and is a smart buy.
  • This is definitely a one stop shop as the set includes trampoline, ladder, enclosure, handy shoe net and cover.
  • The design is absolutely revolutionary and the enclosure slot and trampoline are one combined unit. Hence there is no need for additional brackets.
  • And the best part is the fact that your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with this product.
  • All that you will require you will get in a single product.


  • Wear and Tear of the accessories is there so replacement of parts have to be done.
  • Safety measures need to be followed thoroughly. Read the Trampoline Safety guidelines to ensure that there is mishap while enjoying on your bouncing partner.
Expert Reviews

The trampoline comes with great quality trampoline pads  thus, bouncing on it is very comfortable and protects from injuries.

Read More Customer Reviews on Amazon…

My take on the Model:

According to me this model is a great buy with the unique revolutionary design. This JumpKing innovation is not only very sturdy, spacious but also very economical. According to me, it’s a great buy as it can be conveniently used by adults as well.

Top 10 Trampoline Myths and Facts

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It is very important to consider the weight limitation of the two types of trampoline.

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How to Measure a Trampoline of Any Shape?

Trampoline Frame

Trampoline Frame

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Tips for Selecting a Suitable Trampoline Size for Your Backyard

Trampoline Size

Trampoline Size

Mostly it is witnessed that if you are planning to buy an outdoor trampoline, then you already have a size in mind. It is very important to gather correct information regarding the front as well as the backyard of your house so that you can choose the most appropriate trampoline. Like any other piece of furniture a trampoline which is very big in size will look a misfit and can clutter the entire area. I feel that the 10-foot trampolines which are easily available in the market fit well in the small yards. On the other hand the 12 feet and the larger trampolines are suitable for yards having large area. Listed below are some of the tips which will prove to be of great help in choosing the best size for your trampoline.

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