AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure Review


We want to give you honest reviews and thoughts regarding some of the shopping decisions which can be of great help this holiday season. So before you decide to finalize the holiday wish list don’t forget to give a serious thought to the various reviews listed below. All the opinions and thoughts here are my own. Now I would like to bring to your notice that I decided to purchase the AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure the last year. From the time we have purchased it my kids have been jumping on it and they absolutely love it. And I can easily that this is one product which is a smart buy and has been used very well. It has been lying outside the house and is used pretty often by my children. Kid trampolines are a great way to make them energetic whole day and Airzone trampolines are doing great job in this. Know more tips to select a trampoline according to your specifications.

Let’s take a quick look at the several aspects, features and specifications of this trampoline.

AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

The height of Kids Airzone 55″ is about 29,50″ and has a length of 15,70″. The width of the trampoline is 7.9″. There is a mesh fabric enclosing it has been provided with a zip for the purpose of entry as well as exit. The mesh also has added padding which helps in reinforcing the protection of your child and also add to the overall safety.  The trampoline has been provided with 6 steel legs as well as added poles for stability and support. The springs are provided with extra cushioning of foam padding. The frame is highly durable frame and comes with the two years of the manufacturer’s warranty. And the other parts come with the manufacturer’s warranty of about 90 days. But just don`t be worried about this 3 month warranty because each and every part of the trampoline has been tested and has efficiently undergone expert laboratory examination. Also, this amazing product has been provided with an added suspension structure which is well covered with padding. So if you ask for my personal opinion, then I would suggest that you can easily get this 55″ Kids Airzone Trampoline for the purpose of adding some fun to the backyard.

Kids Airzone 55″ Trampoline and Enclosure

Kids Airzone 55″ Trampoline and Enclosure

Purchasing this product is the perfect way of encouraging children to remain more energetic and active throughout the whole day. One of the biggest benefits associated with the 55″ trampoline is that it provides a lot of room for jumping as well as performing tricks like flips and much more. And you need not worry at all about the safety as the trampoline is very stable and safe. The 55″ Kids Airzone Trampoline is provided with sewn-in rail thick padding which has been provided with added safety for enhancing the landing area. The protective feature of the trampoline is fabulous and the toy is built for keeping the little ones safe and protecting them from falling off. Also this fun product can be used efficiently all round the year as it is weather resistant. This fun kids trampoline with enclosure supports impressive features like a zippered arch entrance as well as a special system called ultra-flex that helps in providing a controlled bounce.
This trampoline has been provided with a steel frame which remains free from rust and is able to easily withstand harsh climatic conditions like snow or rain. It is secured safely to the ground with the help of highly sturdy six metal poles. Now you can easily enjoy hours of exercise and fun with the help of this 55″ diameter kids trampoline which comes with a mesh enclosure combo. One of the feature which is one of my personal favorites is the soft bungee cord suspension system. It has a completely padded cover as well as top rail. Also, there are support poles which are foam-covered and these ensure safe bouncing of kid-safes. The trampoline has been specifically designed by the experts to be used by kids who are 5 years old and above.

Specifications of 55″ Kids Airzone Trampoline:

  • My First Trampoline model: 140553
  • Adult supervision is always recommended
  • This trampoline doesn’t need any major assembly

Features of 55″ Kids Airzone Trampoline:

  • Can be secured safely with the help of six steel poles.
  • It has been used to be used outdoors as well as indoors with ease.
  • There are sewn-in rail padding which is weather-resistant. This provides extra safety and provides prevention from falling on the ground or frame.
  • Galvanized steel frame which is rust-resistant.
  • The arch entrance is zippered.
  • There is a special system called ultra-flex band and this offers sturdy operation, safer setup and controlled bounce.
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    AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

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    Add fun and excitement to your backyard with the addition of 55″ Kids Airzone Trampoline. It is the best way to encourage children to be full of energy and energetic throughout the day. There is plenty of space to jump and bounce in this trampoline which is designed intricately taking utmost care of the safety of the kids. It is weather- resistant and special…


Listed below are some of the advantages associated with the model.


  • Every set of Kids Airzone 55″ has efficiently undergone a specific testing. This ensures that every product is of the finest quality and has been manufactured to make the brand proud.
  • This trampoline is designed keeping in mind the complete safety of the kids.
  • For this purpose there is a special zip which increases the children’s safety while they are jumping in and out.
  • The extra padding on the mesh fabric ensures extra safety of the children. It is perfect for all those kids who are beginners because of the support poles.
  • This trampoline is extremely stable.
  • The size of the mat has been designed keeping in mind the size of every kid.
    Also the bouncing area is adequate for your kid.
  • The padded cover of the trampoline makes sure that your child has soft landing. This can be interior as well as exterior because of its economic aspect.
  • The trampoline can be assembled. You will get a user manual with the product which is of great help in its assembly as well as maintenance.
  • You get the trampoline in a large number of colors and you can choose accordingly.
  • The product surpasses the set safety standards.

Some of the drawbacks associated with the trampoline are listed below.


  • Although the product has been manufactured for kids the weight limit which is offered is very low. This means that only small children can use the trampoline. And they will have to purchase another product as they grow up.
  • The warranty offered is also too less in comparison to other products available in the market.
  • Also the metal springs as well as the padding are not best suited to be used by kids.
Expert Reviews

My kids have been enjoying this trampoline past 3 years and they are absolutely having a blast. But yes, I have some issues, the net sewn rips off easily when the crazy jumpers jump and bounce the entire day. The zipper is perfect and I have no complains regarding that. All said and done, this a great trampoline for your kids. A big source of entertainment for the tiny tots of your home.

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My Take on the Model:

There is no denying the fact that the trampoline is an attractive gift for the children as it is available in attractive colors. Also, it is fairly safe because of the enclosure mesh fabric. The round padding adds to its safety. It is also provided with additional support of the poles and extra stability because of the padding. Thus, I can easily say that this trampoline is a great piece of art and is a smart choice as the first trampoline for your kid.