8 Foot Trampoline Review

Trampolines are those outdoor toys which are very popular these days. These are simply superb for indulging in some active exercise and play and the best part about these equipments is that these can be used by adults as well as children. Trampolines are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes and you can also easily find a few of the models while can be folded and stored. Popular ones are Rectangle and Round trampolines. You can conveniently purchase some of the models of various reputed brands from amazon and these include even the trampolines which are sunken in-ground types and these ones are associated with several unique advantages. Plum, EvoStar, Skyhigh, Skywalker, Jumpstar, Pure Fun, Little Tikes, Hedstrom and Jumpking are some of the reputed companies which manufacture some of the outstanding trampolines. In fact, it can get very difficult for you to choose from the extensive variety. These are proudly associated with 4 safety awards and even an award for ‘Best Toy’. The amazingly sized 8ft trampoline has several advantages. These are perfect for you if you do not have adequate space for bigger models and the best part is that there is absolutely no compromise on quality.

Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo8 Foot Trampolines – Review

This trampoline is very popular and has successfully undergone vigorous methods of safety testing. These are known as one of the safest fun toys which are available out there in the market. The best part about the 8 foot trampoline is their highly compact size. These fit conveniently even in small places and there is absolutely no compromise on the playing area. There is enough space for one or more young kids to play.
It’ is very important for you to understand that the 8ft trampoline efficiently provides a jumping area of 6ft to the jumper. The rest of the 2 ft of the total diameter is taken by the padding and this is about 1 ft in width. The jumping area of 6ft is great for smaller children, especially the ones between the age group of 3 to 12 years. So the 8ft trampoline is perfect for different age groups and a lot actually depends upon the jumping style the jumper is involved in. In fact this model of the trampoline offers enough area for even adults for exercising and to carry out the fitness regimen. So basically when you are purchasing this product you do not compromise at all on the outdoor space of your house and the trampoline can be a permanent part of your garden.
Features of the extensive selection:-
Safe and Reliable: For going over the jumping bed easily there is the padding design. There is absolutely no possibility of the jumpers to land on an exposed spring or framework.
Extra Safety: There are thick walls present on the foam sleeves which superbly provide complete safety from enclosure poles.
Enclosure Sleeves: This is a new system for safety. The Enclosure sleeves make sure that the surrounding safety net stays firmly attached against the entire length of the poles.
Weather Covers: Also, there is an additional feature of the weather covers that can be used conveniently and you do not have to remove the safety enclosure.
Free Gift: With few of the models there is a possibility of getting a free gift also.
Specifications of 8 – foot round trampoline from Skywalker:
• Available in two different colors which are blue and green.
• These come with a 1 year of the manufacturer’s warranty.
• There is 90 days warranty on the materials.
• The trampoline efficiently meets the set ASTM safety standards.
Weight capacity: 150 pounds.
Dimensions: 8 diam. X 6.5 H feet.

Model My Score Price
Skywalker 8 Foot Trampoline 5.0 $149.99 Read the Complete Review..


•  The 8ft trampoline is great for kids as their tiny legs are able to easily feel the rebound while they are jumping.
• The bouncing is much easier on these compact trampolines as the springs are placed very close to the jumper who is standing right in the middle of the jumping area.
• The product is ideal if you do not very large space outside the house.
• It is very safe and reliable.


• This product will not be able to cater to the jumping requirements of your growing child. Over the period of time you will feel that the jumping area is inadequate for your kid.
• The trampoline is not very suitable for advanced jumping skills and tricks.

My take:

According to me if you want a trampoline for your little ones, the 8 foot trampoline with the enclosure is a great purchase. I would suggest that you go for the trampoline and enclosure for the complete safety of your kid. This is a must have safety feature for protecting the little ones from any kind of potential hazard. These enclosures can be assembled with great ease and make sure that your kid is totally safe while enjoying bouncing on the trampoline.