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Welcome to the best trampoline reviews for 2017. I have tried to put forward a comprehensive review guide to help you select the best Trampoline according to your requirements. I understand, buying a Trampoline is not an easy decision to make, thus selecting the best quality without blowing off your budget is of great significance. From safety to cost, you need to consider a lot many factors before buying a Trampoline. The reviews given by me will definitely be helpful in making the right choice.

Trampoline are a great outdoor activity for kids and adults irrespective of their ages. Nowadays, you’ll find myriad models in all shapes and sizes, thus people with small yards also have vast choices to make.  At first go, all the models of Trampolines look alike. But, if you are searching for the best one, then you need to look closely at the features, durability and safety! I take pride in presenting forward honest reviews to help you pick the best trampoline for your needs.


 JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 reviews

#1 – JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250

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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Model 250 is an awesome buy and you would no longer get lazy to hit the gym. With this trampoline in your backyard, exercise while enjoying your jumps! It firmly secures the top spot on my list.

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Price: $$$
My Rating: 5/ 5
 Skywalker Trampoline Review -15-Feet Round Trampoline reviews

#2 – Skywalker Trampoline Review 15 Feet Round Trampoline

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The Skywalker Trampoline Review 15 Feet Round Trampoline definitely has a lot to offer in terms of performance and durability. It offers a lot many competent features, functionality and safety to the jumper. It firmly secures the top spot on my list.

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Price: $$$
My Rating: 4.8/ 5
 AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure reviews

#3 – AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

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My kids have been enjoying this trampoline past 3 years and they are absolutely having a blast. All said and done, this a great trampoline for your kids. A big source of entertainment for the tiny tots of your home. For the price, it is a must in every house with kids and be assure of the safety.

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Price: $$
My Rating: 4.0/ 5

Selecting the Best Trampoline

When you decide to buy a Trampoline for your yard, then it is crucial that you research well before buying and read in details about trampoline reviews. In this website I have piled few things that must be kept in mind before selecting your first Trampoline.

Vast Range of Sizes

When you start looking at the various models, you will be amazed that vast range of sizes is available in the market. Recreational model ranges between 6 feet to 17 foot diameter. The size of the Trampoline that you would select entirely depends on the size of the yard. You can also use these models in your backyard, but before that make sure that there is enough outdoor space. There is a minimum requirement of 25 feet overhead clearance and 2 feet horizontally, to use it safely. Be sure that that no trees, fences, power lines and other hazards come in the way.

Various Shapes

Typically Trampolines come in the following four shapes:

Trampoline shapes

  • Rectangular: With this shape you get more space for jumping. Rectangular shape Trampolines are used for higher jumps. These are best suited for gymnastics.
  • Round: Round shaped Trampolines are the most common and best suited to use in backyards.
  • Square: Square shaped Trampolines are similar to rectangular ones, but the bounce is not as high as from rectangular Trampolines.
  • Oval: These kinds of models are also good for backyard use. When compared with round models, these provide a large jumping area and higher bounce. It is easier to jump on these models due to the straight edges.


Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo
Read the reviews for the best buy of Trampoline.
Skywalker Trampolines 12' Round Trampoline with Enclosure reviews
LittleTikes 7 Foot Trampoline

Know the Weight Limit

Many of us are worried for the safety of their kids jumping on the Trampoline. Thus, it becomes very important to check the weight limit of the Trampoline before buying the model. The maximum weight limit that is allowed in a particular model are well described on the box, user manual or on the product description. Before you buy the product, keep in mind how many people would be using the Trampoline at one time and their individual weights. As a tip from my side, always keep some buffer.

Construction of the Frame

According to my experience, before finalizing the model paying heed to its frame is very essential. For durability and protection from rust, galvanized steel is preferred. Welds also must be smooth, so pay attention to them also. Smooth welds are stronger than other non-so smooth ones.

Length and Spring Count

Number of springs is more in larger models. During my research, I got to know some smaller models which too have large number of springs. Obviously, one needs a Trampoline where one can jump higher, so a model with a larger number of springs is required. If you are an average user then 80 springs are enough for a great bounce. Another important consideration is the length of the springs. For higher bounce, length of the spring must be more.

Padding Quality

It is also significant to check the quality of the padding. Your Trampoline must have a smooth and durable bounce mat. By jumping on the rough surface, jumper can feel discomfort and irritability on the skin.  According to me, mats which are made from Permatron Polypropylene are the best as are UV resistant and lasts for years without any complaints. Polyster is a better material for spring padding as it doesn’t crack due to sun exposure.

Trampoline Safety

For every parent, safety of their kids is the topmost concern while purchasing a Trampoline I was myself very skeptical of the safety measures, but after my research I have learned the points to be taken care of. On hearing the name of a Trampoline, we all get a picture of 6 kids jumping on a spring Trampoline with no enclosure. But, good news for all the parents, Trampoline safety has come a long way and these days you get models with no springs and net enclosures. Also, the models which have springs, they come with number of pads to increase safety.

Trampoline Safety


skywalker zoo
Pure Fun 14-Foot Trampoline
Skywalker Trampolines 12' Round Trampoline with Enclosure reviews
LittleTikes 7 Foot Trampoline

According to me, the safest one is that which has an enclosure which prevents the jumpers from accidentally falling off while enjoying their bouncy ride.

I remember as a child and also as an adult, I have often complained of plunging from the springs. Definitely, for boys and men these are more uncomfortable. Springfree Trampolines are a breakthrough in terms to increase the Trampoline safety and its popularity. Springfree Trampolines are more expensive than their counterparts with springs. So, one must keep this consideration in mind before buying a Trampoline.

What are the reasons for the popularity of Trampolines? They are simply awesome, good for exercise, they bring the families together on fun and wholesome days and lastly they are FUN & EXCITING!

Easy Steps to Ensure Safety!

I have compiled some of the simple and the easiest ways to ensure that your family is safe and has fun on the Trampoline.

  • Make sure that you read the safety instructions thoroughly of the Trampoline.
  • Quality safety enclosure must be used always.
  • Prefer only 1 jumper at one time to ensure the safety.
  • Backyard Trampolines are not meant for children below 6. For toddlers, kids Trampolines are available in the market.
  • Never leave children without any supervisor in the Trampoline.

Advantages of jumping on a Trampoline

trampoline advantages

Efficient Exercise

It has been proven in a study that jumping on a Trampoline for 10 minutes is equal to a 30 minute run. Jumping is 68% better than running if NASA reports are to be believed.

Cardiovascular Fitness

Jumping can be equated with moderate high level aerobics. Thus, your heart rate will be increased to a healthy level.

Interval Training

Interval training is provided by jumping on a Trampoline, thus gradually you can increase your work out timings.

Stronger Bones

Mineral content of the bones is gradually improved by the repetitive action of jumping. Jumping also builds and strengthens the muscular skeletal system.

Mental Health

When you are engrossed in a physical activity, it surely makes you feel self-confident, positive and elated. Thus, this uplifts the positive mood of the jumper. Sheer fun is an additional benefit of jumping up and down on a Trampoline.


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